On My Radar

Ever wondered which books and magazines are currently on my bedside table, what music I'm listening to and which hobby I'm trying out (– yes, I'm a bit of a serial hobby-starting-and-then-dropping-again person...)? Well, look no further. With this monthly format, I'll fill you in on all those 'offline' aspects of my life.

This month, everyone is still full of motivation, trying to stick to their new year's resolutions, while also facing the rather bleak outlook of at least three more months of winter. I for one love January, with Christmas memories still so fresh in my mind and the year ahead still seemingly full of opportunities. So it's no coincidence that this month's edition contains lots of ambitious resolutions and new hobbies.



I think I am addicted to buying books. My bedside table is crammed full of yet-to-be-devoured novels. I can't help it, really. It may come as no surprise then that one of my new year's resolutions is to read more – and perhaps in a bid to make sure I actually stick to it, I have compiled a list of all the books that are currently waiting to be read (more in a blogpost soon). Featuring everything from Zadie Smith's Swing Time and Ali Smith's Autumn to Sarah Perry's The Essex Serpent, I can't wait to get stuck in. Will I perhaps join a monthly book club (Laura's The Year in Books club is especially exciting) or even go so far as to actually join the 52 books challenge? One can only wait and see...



I've gone off magazines. There, I said it. Not only can I no longer justify spending 15€ or more on publications that might be beautiful and well-written, but are also full of advertisement and product placement, I almost never find enough time to read them from cover to cover – the only exception being The Happy Reader. At an affordable 5€ (or 3 GBP for all you British lot) per issue, it never disappoints and is so refreshingly light and small that it fits in almost any handbag. This issue's interview is with Kristin Scott Thomas and I can't wait to get started this week. 



Over New Year's Eve, we decided to dust off our record player and reinstall it in the flat – it had previously been hiding on the top of our wardrobe due to lack of space. Though there is still a substantial lack of space and we can by no means boast of a very impressive collection of vinyls, I have recently invested in a few additions, namely the new albums by The XX and Bonobo as well as classics like Nick Drake's Pink Moon and Jeff Buckley's Grace. When I listen to a record – as opposed to Spotify or iTunes – the music feels so much more immersive. Here's to more immersive moments this year!



There are two new things to report on this front. 1: I have been busy teaching myself modern calligraphy –and although I'm still not too confident with it, it definitely came in handy over the Christmas period (think homemade wrapping paper and cards) and 2: My boyfriend has finally succeeded in talking me into taking a climbing lesson. It's something he has wanted to do ever since, three years ago, we discovered a climbing school near our house. This year, I caved. Our trial lesson is this week, so wish me luck!