In Seven Days Around The Web


After what feels like a year-long sabbatical from the internet, social media and the likes in 2017, I would like to announce my glorious return to these realms. Having avoided most blogs, websites and social media accounts does mean that I'm a little rusty at finding the best links the internet has to offer. But it's early days and almost everyone is publishing a mixture of resolutions, reflections and *shudders* fitness inspiration articles, none of which will be featured here. Without any further rambling, here are this week's treasures of the internet.

This week's roundup includes an archive of the world's best everyday objects, an artist celebrating the female body and an Instagram account noting the unintentional curated beauty of our Instagram archives.


Raphaël embraced and cherished the changeability of women’s bodies. In her drawings the bending forms of lovers, the swollen bellies, and the breasts of women with newborns are made clear, their beauty secured in their simplicity.
— Thea Hawlin, AnOther Magazine
Every day from roughly 10 until 1, Pullman sits at his desk in a monkish study at the top of the house and produces three pages, longhand. He has written three pages a day ever since he started writing. Habit, he is fond of saying, has written far more books than talent. The ritual is sacred.
— Sophie Elmhirst, T Magazine
  • An oldie but still a goldie: A portrait of writer Philip Pullman by Sophie Elmhirst for T Magazine has fanned the flames of my admiration for the author even more – if that’s even possible!
  • We all love everyday objects, don't we? Alisa Grifo and Marco ter Haar Romeny have taken their fascination a step further with their art project Kiosk, archiving the world's favourite everyday objects. Stevie Mackenzie-Smith shows a selection of their archive, boasting over 1,300 objects, on Another Magazine.
  • This Twitter feed – it has always fascinated me how sculptors could create veils in marble.
  • New York-based freelance writer Alice Gregory discusses her daily routine, how she copes with distraction and what it means to be a writer today, on Fold Magazine.



The Reset Series

Lindsay Holland of Ropes of Holland has just started a series titled "The Reset Series", where she discusses mental health and anxiety and gives tips on how to cope, especially in January.


Layers Podcast

Ana Kinsella and Stevie Mackenzie-Smith have started a podcast, Layers. The first episode of Layers is all about new beginnings and how we express ourselves through our wardrobes, from weddings to first days at work.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share some links you've come across in the past week.