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Ok so I did forget to post last week – sorry! But see, I did manage to this week, so we're back on track!

This week's roundup includes pieces on age-appropriate dressing, beauty myths, being cool and quitting, chefs' outlook of 2017 in food, an explanation of the problem with the feminist movement's use of the word "pussy" and last but not least an amazing portrait of a Planned Parenthood employee. Happy reading!


We used to identify desirable qualities with old age, like poise to deal with the complications of the world, discretion, and wisdom. “Now, we have to be fun and creative!” Przybyszewski says.
— Rebecca Huval, Racked
  • Have we really forgotten how to dress like adults? Rebecca Huval thinks so, and makes an interesting case for it on Racked.
  • From Shakespeare to Mandela – Obama shares what books mean to him with The New York Times.
  • Alain de Botton's Art as Therapy book is a useful tool to use works of art to assist in dealing with sorrow, in self-understanding and making sense of our experiences, says Phaidon.
  • The Smithsonian Magazine reports on an ancient soldier's tomb that's challenging everything we know on the roots of western civilisation.
These days, I don’t get nearly so bent out of shape about failure. I have come to realize the part of me that feels shame at the thought of falling short isn’t me at all. It’s my ego. Remembering that helps.
— Hilal Isler, Medium
  • On Medium, Hilal Isler writes about quitting and failing – and it doesn't just feel like she's writing from the heart, it feels like she's looking right into mine.
  • So news from the US are bleak these days, but the Into The Gloss portrait of Planned Parenthood's Alencia Johnson is so beautiful – and the comments are giving me hope.
  • I love Claire Carusillo, I love her newsletter and boy, do I love her article on Racked about Glossier's ribbon.
  • What is 2017 going to bring us in food terms? Anna Jones asked her friends (including Yotam Ottolenghi!) what they thought and you can read about it on her blog.
But “pussy” is not the meaning at the heart of “woman,” nor of feminism.
— Josephine Livingstone, The New Republic
Now, at 28, I wonder why I cared so much about this worshipped four-letter word. Is “cool” the best we’ve got?
— Leandra Medine, Man Repeller
  • Man Repeller's Leandra Medine makes a case for not being cool.
  • Twenty Questions with Ian McEwan, for The Times Literary Supplement.
  • (German) Das Glück der Erde liegt auf dem Rücken der Pferde. Dieser Artikel in der Zeit wird jeden, der einmal geritten ist, erfreuen – und sogleich eine Sehnsucht nach dem nächsten Moment auf dem Pferderücken verursachen.



The School of Life explains German philosopher Hegel's theory of 'the dialectic'.

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