In Seven Days Around the Web

As I write this it is Friday the 13th. Perhaps not the luckiest of dates – but then again, I'm not superstitious and the number 13 has always been my lucky number. So it's indeed a lucky coincidence that today is also the day I'm bringing back In Seven Days Around the Web. And because it's been a while, we have some catching up to do, so you'd better put the kettle on and sit in a comfortable chair before you read on.

From Jamaican dancehall signs to technology's impact on our daily lives, the owner of London's first cacti and succulent shop to a woman searching for signs of life on exoplanets, this week covers all the bases. 


Money doesn’t buy happiness but it sure gets a lot done.
— Lin, Out of the Bag
  • Towards the end of the year we all like to reflect on our experiences – but have you ever thought of systematically looking at what you have bought? Lin of Out Of The Bag did just that and came to a very interesting conclusion.
  • I'm not the only one back on the blogging wagon: This week saw That Grace Girl publish her December Grace Notes, which contains her beauty favourites of the past month.
  • If there's one thing I love following it's other people's home improvements. Cate St Hill's documentation of her new house's decorating process is something I really enjoy following and I am eagerly awaiting the finished result.
The question needs to be asked: is the iPhone there to serve us or are we there to serve it?
— Chris Lewis, It's Nice That
  • The subject of technology and how it impacts our daily lives is something we should all take a closer look at. Kate Hollowood published a really insightful and informative article on the subject for It's Nice That.
  • From Lying to Leering – Rebecca Solnit writes about Donald Trump's fear of women for London Review of Books.
  • Ever gone into a French pharmacy and found yourself more than a little overwhelmed by the range of products you're faced with? Yes, me too. Weng of 9 Out Of Ten has written an incredibly detailed starter guide to all things French pharmacy.
Rather than merely avoiding clichés—about love and intimacy, artist and muse, public and private­—the picture seems to repel them, as an amulet repels evil spirits.
— Chris Wiley, The New Yorker
We got the idea for wrapping books—paperbacks with garishly colored covers—in kraft paper from Virginia Woolf, who wrapped the books in her Sussex house in marbled paper.
— Amy Revier, Remodelista
  • Textile artist Amy Revier is probably one of the first people I followed on Instagram and I love being kept in the loop of her latest progress. Remodelista visited her flat in London's Hampstead Heath, which, with its natural colour palette and pared back interior, feels like the perfect home. When can I move in?
  • T Magazine published a great feature on astrophysicist Sara Seager, whose whole career is focused on finding exoplanets that show signs of life – and might just be successful.
  • We all suffer from lack of sleep occasionally. For The Atlantic, James Hamblin has conducted a remarkable amount of research to find out how to sleep. (via Jessica Stanley's Read Look Think)
  • Have you come across G-IRL yet? The platform features interviews with inspiring women about their work. Their latest interview is with Gynelle Leon of London-based cacti and succulent shop Prick. Apart from discussing Gynelle's shop and love of plants, Gynelle also shares her thoughts on being a young black female entrepreneur.



I finally had the chance to listen to the latest albums by Bonobo and XX, which were released today. Both remind me so much of my time at university and make me yearn for summer. Having both on Vinyl makes the listening experience all the more special, so excuse me while I turn my laptop off to give the music its due respect.

Happy weekend everyone!