Escape to Spreewald

This past Christmas marked my boyfriend's and my first time to spend the holidays alone. In previous years, we'd always either spent it with his family in the UK or mine in Germany. This time however, we decided to stay in Berlin. Not because we wanted to have some time to ourselves, but because it fitted with our plans for the post-Christmas time: My boyfriend turned 30 and to mark the occasion, lots of our friends and family made the journey to Berlin. Instead of choosing to celebrate somewhere in the city, we opted for a tranquil location far from the city's hustle and bustle, the Spreewald. Situated just an hour's drive away from Berlin, it's a UNESCO biosphere reserve and consists of more than 200 canals.

We spent most of our time cooking, drinking and catching up with everyone and made ample use of our accommodation's sauna. But in-between all the relaxing, we did take a boat trip on the canals (with mulled wine!) and I managed to snap a few photos that I wanted to share with you.

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