Tried & Tested Beauty Products

When it comes to beauty, the best indication as to whether a product is actually worth the investment is if it gets used – and used up. And because last year saw me trying to use up most of my vast collection of beauty products, I thought it was time to compile a list of the the items which continue to serve me best and come highly recommended.

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On My Radar

These past months, looming work deadlines and anxieties about the future have somehow managed to put my personal life on hold – though I did manage to squeeze in a (working) trip to the UK in February. While I now attempt to ease myself back into my Berlin freelancer routine, it is all the more important to reflect on said trip, as well as acquiring that spring cleaning attitude that breathes some new life into the winter monotony.

In Seven Days Around the Web

This week's roundup includes pieces on age-appropriate dressing, beauty myths, being cool and quitting, chefs' outlook of 2017 in food, an explanation of the problem with the feminist movement's use of the word "pussy" and last but not least an amazing portrait of a Planned Parenthood employee.

Escape to Spreewald

This past Christmas marked my boyfriend's and my first time to spend the holidays alone. In previous years, we'd always either spent it with his family in the UK or mine in Germany. This time however, we decided to stay in Berlin.

On My Radar

This month, everyone is still full of motivation, trying to stick to their new year's resolutions, while also facing the rather bleak outlook of at least three more months of winter. I for one love January, with Christmas memories still so fresh in my mind and the year ahead still seemingly full of opportunities. So it's no coincidence that this month's edition contains lots of ambitious resolutions and new hobbies.

London in October

I guess it's a bit late to be posting these photos, but winter has well and truly arrived in Berlin and I would love nothing more than to transport myself back in time to these sunny autumnal days in London. Due to its lack of buildings and other urban sites, this is by no means a good example of London in autumn – think of it more as a collection of photographs of two London gardens.