It's already mid week and I still haven't even shown you some impressions of my last weekend. As my new job is keeping me extra busy these days, I will probably have to calm down with the whole blogging thing for a while. But I will try to at least publish two blog posts each week, promise! 

But let's go back to last weekend. After a very uneventful Saturday afternoon spent on a train - 7 hours of card games makes time fly! - my Sunday was all the more exciting. After a great cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast, my boyfriend and I went to the Mauerpark flea market and browsed the stalls for some welcome additions to our flat. However, instead of buying vases and frames, we ended up with a baby aloe vera plant and another succulent. 

After another coffee, this time from Bonanza Coffee, we went to Voo Store to celebrate the latest book release by Freunde von Freunden. Their second book 'Friends' is now available across Europe and on their website and is a beautiful addition to anyone's coffee table! I took some snaps and ate lots of delicious food (and drank more coffee, made by Companion Coffee) and it was perfect. Excuse the super dark images, winter has arrived...

That's it for now. How did you spend your weekend?

Lilly Wolf