I spent this weekend sorting things out, so there is no exciting or insightful photos to show you. However, I have ordered a bed and a wardrobe last week - I feel so grown up right now and can't wait to sleep in a real bed and have my clothes safely stowed away. Sleeping on pallets is cool and all, but you can't beat a real bed now, can you. Until now I have also been hanging all my clothes on a rail and folded my tops and jumpers on a shelf, something that isn't all that bad, but I've found a few moths flying around my flat and am starting to panick a bit. 

I'm counting the weeks until my new furniture arrives and my flat will actually look like a real flat. The problem with shelves and lack of storage furniture is that your home always looks messy, no matter how often you tidy. And let's not talk about the cleaning... 

Anyway, the photos you can see here were taken yesterday evening. I was busy scanning in old negatives when some sun rays found their way into our living room. Our monstera plant has grown LOADS and is actually in need of a new pot. I loved the play of the leaves, the light and the shadows, so I thought it was time to snap some photos.

How was your weekend? 

Lilly Wolf