Another weekend calls for another Through A Lens feature! And as we all know, a weekend isn't complete unless you've devoured at least one good breakfast. Luckily Berlin is the perfect place to find some hearty (and not so hearty) treats. The Breakfast Market at Markthalle IX, taking place every third Sunday of the month, is by far one of my favourite events. After filling ourselves up for the day, we also finally ticked another thing off our 'to do' list - the Botanical Garden. And what a joy that place is! Glass houses stretching into the horizon - at one point we even managed to get lost in the maze of plants and sidewalks... In fact, it was so good that we want to return next weekend; this time with a picnic and more time!

What did you get up to this weekend? If you're curious about the Botanical Gardens, make sure to have a look at my photos.

Lilly Wolf