This weekend has been one of the best I've had in Berlin so far - and it's not even finished yet! Yesterday I cycled around all day and managed to see parts of districts I had never set foot in. After an afternoon at a flea market and in various cafés, I went and watched Richard Linklater's Boyhood at the open air cinema in Volkspark Friedrichshain - such a good film and the atmosphere in the park was remarkable! There was a thunderstorm right before the film started and you could see the lightning in the distance throughout the film, a rare experience!

Today we cycled to a new café we that had been recommended to us; it's called Am Ende Der Welt and will definitely be incorporated into our Sunday morning routine from now on. They serve delicious coffee from all over the world and a great tea by Paper & Tea.
I also bought my first copy of The Travel Almanac - a great little publication for travellers which I will definitely be buying again. Apart from interviews with creatives from all over the world, it also shines a light on many unusual spots in the world (the current issue has a feature about a train ride through Andalus). 

The cycle home along the Panke river was lovely as well - until we stopped to play table tennis and I stepped on a wasp that had managed to crawl into my sandal. Therefore the rest of my weekend will be spent curled up on the sofa trying to keep my foot still. Ouch. 

By the way, the cushion in the photo above is made by yours truly! I bought the fabric over six months ago and finally managed to find some time to sew it all together last weekend. Cool, huh! There's a major quilt project in the works, but it will probably take me a few more months - to be continued.

What did you get up to this weekend?

Lilly Wolf