My trip to my hometown in early October saw me take a long-awaited visit to the Vitra Campus. Growing up near this legendary place meant that I was exposed to classic design from a young age and might be to blame for my penchant for interior design. Apart from my usual cup of coffee at the café downstairs, I also ventured to the Vitra Haus and the museum, which is currently hosting the Alvar Aalto - Second Nature exhibition.

After seeing Cate take a trip to the campus a couple of days before my visit home, my expectations were sky-high - and the excursion didn't disappoint! Not only the sun was shining down on me, I thought the Aalto exhibition was really well laid out and the accompanying audio guides were great for getting some background knowledge on certain pieces.

Let's start by talking about the Vitra Haus itself - filled with Vitra's designs and curated in many diverse ways, it's the perfect show home. Whether you're looking for a new office chair or trying to picture a Vitra chair in a more natural habitat, the Vitra Haus caters to all your needs. It's just like walking into a glamorous Ikea and a great example of good marketing. During my visit, I could see more than a dozen people - old and young - posing in front of Vitra furniture, and I'm certain every other visitor ended up purchasing something in the Vitra gift shop.

The thing I liked most in the Vitra Haus was that they don't just use their own products, but mix and match them with other design pieces - for example, I spotted the PET Lamps in there, which I blogged about before. It's great to see established brands like Vitra supporting brands like PET Lamps, even if just by displaying their products alongside their own.

After browsing the Vitra Haus and strolling across the grass to look at the new Carsten Höller slide (which was sadly closed on the day) and I enjoyed watching the making of a Vitra lounge chair, before finally making my way to the Vitra Museum to see what the Alvar Aalto - Second Nature exhibition is all about. More on that tomorrow!

Lilly Wolf