At home I'm pretty spoiled for options - my mum grows an array of herbs and spices, my grandad prides himself of growing the tastiest tomatoes in town and we have an apple orchard, every berry bush you can think of, the list goes on... With spring making such a swift and welcome arrival, I knew it was time to crack out some seeds and try my hand at gardening. Although it is the first year I don't actually have a garden (if you can call the patches of grass of student houses really gardens), I intend to build a little window box for herbs to have fresh ones at hand whenever I cook. 

Because the nights can still be quite chilly, I planted my tomato and parsley seeds in pots on the window sill inside my flat; later on they will be transferred outside. The seeds were planted three weeks ago and I tried to keep the soil quite moist. At first there wasn't much to observe. When I went home for a week, the soil obviously got a little dry, so they are a little behind schedule.

This is what my little seedlings have grown into - I'm so pleased! Next week I'll have to re-pot the tomatoes into bigger containers and I'll also be on the hunt for some chive seeds - and maybe even some thyme?! We'll see! I can't wait to make salads and meals with homegrown herbs, it will make them all the more tasty!

Do you grow your own plants and do you have any tips for me?

Lilly Wolf