Through A Lens: Agadir Beach

It's been a while since I've done one of these. With my analogue photos just back from the lab, I thought I could share a few snaps from my first two days in Agadir. I can't even begin to describe the difference in colours and light. The vibrancy of the pinks and greens and blues was incredible and I only now realise how different they were to colours here in Europe. 

Upon our arrival, we straight away headed to the beach and took a quick dip in the Atlantic. I nurture a deep fascination with the sea and could watch the waves rolling in for hours on end. We were surrounded by palmtrees and sand dunes and I've never felt so relaxed anywhere. 

But let me share some knowledge about Agadir, the city we stayed in throughout our week in Morocco. Agadir was completely destroyed in an earthquake in 1960 and had to be rebuilt. Today, it is Morocco's largest seaside resort and could easily be mistaken for a typical European seaside town. However, as soon as you head outside of Agadir, it becomes apparent that this truly is Africa – the Atlas Mountains loom over the scenery and nothing but shrubs and argan trees grow.

Perched so close to the mountain range and situated right by the Atlantic, Agadir is often engulfed in fog and clouds – this can be deceiving, as I learned on my first day: The sun burns so hot, it can still give you a pretty impressive sunburn.

Soon, our feet began to itch and we started explorations to the surrounding countryside and the Casbah, as well as trips to Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains – more on that soon!

Lilly Wolf