Through A Lens: Easter Break At Home

When I went home during my Easter break, I spent a lot of time outside, breathing in the fresh air and making the most of being in the countryside – after all, what's better than going for long walks in the forest and witnessing the first signs of spring!

Even though spring is in full swing now it's nice to look back at these photos and realise just how quickly nature takes over and turns trees from bare to green.

I'm always amazed by the milky water of this little forest stream, called Münchhäuslesgraben. Caused by chalky grounds, it joins another small stream and on through my village, before joining the river Wiese, which in turn joins the river Rhine, the second largest river in Central Europe.

Above, you can see the stream's spring, the so called Fürstenbad – prince bath – and the first cowslips of the year. I remember picking bunches and bunches of cowslips in the forest when I was little!

Another sign of spring: Frogspawn in the puddles. 

Lilly Wolf