Through A Lens: Hurston Warren, Pulborough

I think it's about time I shared some photos from my boyfriend's sister's late summer wedding in West Sussex. Situated at the beautiful Hurston Warren in Pulborough, which is owned by distant relatives, it encapsulated the perfect feeling of a laid back, British countryside wedding. As it was a family affair, we were very involved with the preparations and so I didn't manage to take quite as many photos as I would have liked. Luckily, we spent the night camping in a field next to the venue, so I took the images in this post at 8am the next morning (just imagine my hangover!).

Having lots of time to stroll through the gardens the next morning – with everyone either still asleep or already in their own, comfortable bed – my boyfriend and I took the opportunity to relax and let the past day sink in. I haven't been to many weddings but this one was so very special. In true British tradition the weather beforehand was absolutely abysmal and the rain, that had been haunting us for a whole week, only subsided on the actual morning of the wedding. Imagine the weather talk on the day, what a great ice-breaker!

Our stroll through the park was probably the quietest moment we'd had in a week! My favourite spot by far was this beautiful walled garden above, hidden in the corner of the park. A little bench was angled away from the garden, overlooking the nearby field and forest (below). What a calm, peaceful spot!

The park was full of beautiful spots – a hammock in a little clearing, sculptures surrounded by trees, a potting shed and ancient plants hidden behind a thick hedge. No matter where we turned, there was more to discover.

Many plants had been left to roam wild, which only added to the place's charm. Although seemingly neglected, upon second glance it became apparent that the whole garden's beauty was only elevated by its state of unruliness. 

A weed is but an unloved flower.
— Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Our walk around the park ended with a quick glimpse into the owner's studio. A skilled sculptor, he's been creating pieces of art for decades, some of which can be admired in the park. His studio fascinated me and had a very strong appeal to me. Every piece of furniture, every artwork inside looked like the artist had only seconds before left the room and would return any moment from now. Almost as if time itself had stood still inside.

Lilly Wolf