Through A Lens: Under The Sun Exhibition at Syson, Nottingham

During my two-week-long visit to the UK in August, I managed to fit in a family wedding, trips to London and Brighton as well as a lovely visit to Bridie's (the talented lady behind Maison Ellis) new home in Nottingham together with Grace (beauty writer extraordinaire of That Grace Girl. While our stay in Nottingham included endless catch-ups and passionate discussions about all things beauty and blogging, we managed to also fit in a bit of culture. Bridie took us to Nottingham's Syson Gallery, which is currently showing the 'Under the Sun' exhibition by artist Alexander Massouras.

Under the Sun is an exhibition concerning the relationship between perception and the memory of things already seen.

A Nottingham native, Alexander Massouras' work combines art history with fine art. With a background in both law and art history, he manages to reach a depth within his works that may not be apparent at first glance but becomes evident upon investigation.

The exhibition Under the Sun runs until the 19th September at Syson Gallery, Nottingham so make sure to visit if you're in the area.

Lilly Wolf