The Wardrobe Issue


Clearing your wardrobe can be a very intricate and long-winded task that may clear your mind in the progress. Having moved country, lived out of a suitcase and then moved into my first flat towards the end of last year, my wardrobe can only be described as minimal through and through. Unfortunately it is currently so minimal it is actually lacking key items. Although I have been a big follower of quality before quantity, I sometimes can’t help but shop at various high street brands due to a rather restricted budget and this has resulted in a lot of heartbreak over holey jumpers and ripped tshirts.
But all this is about to change, because I have taken it upon myself to try and fill the gaps of my wardrobe… Now, this is not going to be a five piece wardrobe lesson; instead I intend to slowly build up a collection of clothes that will serve me for years to come. 

Over time, I have learned not to follow trends too closely, but have instead stuck to cuts that flatter my body. Even though I do get an occasional twitch in my hands when I walk past a Zara, I try to save my money for quality items. A.P.C., Acne and Whistles have been my go-to brands for quite a while now and, although their prices are sometimes well beyond my budget, they are worth it in the long run. 


At the moment I possess three pairs of jeans - enough some would say. But I feel confident that I need just one more, the raw denim Jean Moulant by A.P.C. Now I'm sure many of you have already read this brilliant report on raw denim jeans by Tuan-Khanh, but anyone that hasn't should do so immediately. Another thing I find myself wanting to invest in is suit trousers. While I already own a pair, I think they will always remain classic and stylish without trying too hard. This pair by A.P.C. grabbed my attention a few weeks ago and I haven't stopped thinking about it ever since.
My all-time favourite shirt is the Oxford shirt by Uniqlo. One thing I need in preparation of summer is a short-sleeved one. This one by Whistles is a steal at 70€ and features a nice baggy, cropped shape, perfect for wearing on top of high-waisted trousers or skirts.
As basic T-shirts go, you can never have enough, right? So a few from Whistles and Petit Bateau wouldn't go amiss.
As the days are starting to become warmer and longer again and we're all hoping spring is already upon us, I'm already dreaming of packing away all my wooly jumpers and winter boots. While I might still have to wait a while to do so, it is certainly a good time to buy a 'transition' jumper and this sweatshirt by Acne would keep me warm in summer AND winter. Also it features the softest inside layer I have ever come across in a sweatshirt and a really cool zip on the side. Do you need any more convincing? I thought not.
When it comes to dresses and skirts I used to never be the figure-hugging type. Recently however I have become more and more inclined to buy myself a tube skirt. Rather than opt for a black one, I would like to invest in a navy piece (like this one by Whistles) - navy is my black, you see.
Another thing that caught my eye immediately on the Whistles website is this bodycon dress, I'm a sucker for stripes! The word bodycon makes my skin crawl, but maybe it's time to give them another chance - what do you think?
For years and years I have been looking for the perfect chelsea boots. They were either too pointy, too round, had studs on them, were made out of plastic, and so on. But I have finally found them. For over half a year I have been creeping around these beautiful boots by Acne. Someone buy them for me please? 

So now you know what I intend to buy to build my wardrobe. What is on your wishlist and do you stick by certain rules?

Lilly Wolf