During my one week at home I didn't just have long hot baths and relax in the garden and at my parents' house, I also made the most of living so close to the French border. Only being an hour's train ride away from Strasbourg does have its perks, you see. So off to France I went - but not before writing a long shopping list of French pharmacy and Sephora products (more on that soon!).

Unfortunately the weather wasn't ideal for a city break; it was a grey and windy day, the kind you'd want to spend snuggled up at home, but that obviously didn't stop me!
Having only ever been to Strasbourg once before, I wasn't quite sure what to expect and decided to just go for a stroll to see where my feet would take me. And they didn't disappoint! The town is full of beautiful old buildings and has nearly as many bridges as Venice or Amsterdam. 

After successfully ticking everything off my shopping list, I decided to leave the city centre and instead explore the outskirts. I'd heard there was Botanical Gardens closeby and tracked them down in no time - only to be disappointed. All the little greenhouses were shut and the ugly big thing that was open was so dirty I didn't dare to set foot inside it. Lesson learned, not every Botanical Garden lives up to my expectations.

But walking around the Botanical Gardens' neighbourhood did make me see some treasures after all. Rows and rows of Parisian-style townhouses stood here, some rundown, some in perfect condition. Now wouldn't it be just great to own one of these?!

With new impressions made and dinner waiting for me at home, I headed back to Germany. But not before already planning a return - this time to check out the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art; a girl can shop, but there's more to French life than skincare and makeup! 
Have you been to Strasbourg before?

Lilly Wolf