Let's talk about art. Coming from an art-oriented background - I studied Graphic Communication and did an Art Foundation in the UK - and living in a city that offers more than just a handful of galleries, I seem to only ever visit an art exhibition when friends are over. Somehow whenever something has been embellished with the 'art' stamp, it scares the hell out of me. But that's not always been the case! In fact, when I was younger, I very much enjoyed trips to galleries and museums. So what's changed? Is it perhaps down to the fact that nowadays we get served our daily portion of imagery through the internet and via apps such as Instagram? Don't worry kids, this isn't going to be a rant-post! On the contrary, I've been trying to change my ways and introduce a little bit of art into my life again. Here's some good exhibitions I've been to recently:


Susan Philipsz - Part File Score
I went to Susan Philipsz' exhibition opening at the Hamburger Bahnhof as a last minute decision after work. The Scottish artist was asked by Hamburger Bahnhof (Berlin's number one contemporary art gallery) to create a sound installation. And what she created wasn't just a great piece of art, it was also fun; by installing her 24-channel sound installation on the 24 pillars of the building, you get a three-dimensional experience of the piece simply by moving around. Another bonus are the beautiful posters displayed on the walls. The exhibition runs until the 5th May.


Wall Works

Another exhibition not to miss is Wall Works at Hamburger Bahnhof. It's focused on artists' approaches to the wall since the 1960s. Hereby the wall features not only as the space where art is displayed, but it becomes part of the art itself. The art exhibited ranges from drawings, paintings and screen prints to installations and videos. Beware, the show is huge! It runs until 31st August.


Mariele Neudecker - There Is Always Something More Important

Another great show which is currently running is Mariele Neudecker's There Is Always Something More Important at Galerie Barbara Thumm. The artwork displayed was inspired by the artist's trip to Greenland. Aside from a giant iceberg installation which was used as "a deliberate cliche and is represented at the centre of the exhibition as a finely crafted sculpture of a section of a specific iceberg, a slice, which relates to human dimensions, the measurements of an average doorframe", the exhibition also features some spectacular drawings displayed along with photos and other inspirational material. The exhibition runs until 26th April.

I understand that not all of you live in Berlin or make frequent visits to the city, but I hope I have inspired you to go outside and explore the galleries and museums of your home - art doesn't need to be 'deep', it can simply be a pleasure to the eye and heart. 

Lilly Wolf