Through A Lens is back! After treating myself to a new camera last week, I thought it was about time I shared my first snaps on here!

July is coming to an end and we're currently enjoying rather warm temperatures in Berlin. Living in a West facing flat means spending afternoons at home is pretty much impossible, so this weekend was spent roaming the Arkona flea market and eating a delicious burger at Tommi's Burger Joint in Invalidenstra├če. Tommi's make some of the tastiest burgers in town, featuring incredibly moist brioche buns and the perfect  meat to bun to salad ratio, which - in my opinion - is crucial when it comes to good burgers.

Relaxing on Invalidenstra├če with a burger and a cold Icelandic beer really is a great way to spend your Sunday evening and I would recommend Tommi's to just about anyone!

What burger joints do you recommend? I'm on a burger quest guys!

Lilly Wolf