After lavishly spending all my money in the UK and stocking up my rather minimal wardrobe and beauty shelf for the summer months (there will be some posts as soon as I've unpacked and caught up with normal life again, promise!), I am placing myself on a spending ban - starting today. I strongly believe that you can get by without constantly buying the latest collections and ranges on the market. Now that I have all my heart's desires, and having been a bit too spendy in the past few months, I think it's important to have a breather and give my bank account a rest. 

Now, this doesn't mean I won't be sharing my beauty stash with you, or even planning a fashion post once in a while; after all I have lots of new goodies to test and give my verdict on. I just won't allow myself to buy new things, except when they are replacements of a used-up product or a basic item. Think of it as a summer detox - temperatures are rising and with it we all tend to cut down. It's gonna be tough, but hey, I'm counting myself as very fortunate to even be able to make that kind of decision. A little break from consumerism surely won't hurt!

P.s.: Excuse the awfully dusty cover photo, my sofa table seems to just cling to every tiny particle of dust and this issue is exaggerated in the evening sun (aka the only time of the day I can take photos).

Lilly Wolf