It's Sunday and I'm five days into my holiday! After a short stay in gloriously sunny Liverpool on Wednesday, I have been spending these past few days in Bath and Bristol. Although the weather hasn't been all too cheerful (rain, rain, more rain), seeing all my friends and my old home again has been just great! So far the holiday has been so nice, seeing old and new friends, eating lots of good food and drinking (far too much) wine, roaming around my old cities - I wish I had more time!

These two photos were discovered on a rainy walk across Bristol yesterday. I really liked the little flowers. Even though the weather hasn't been great, I really enjoyed going for long walks and checking out the area. Bristol feels a lot smaller nowadays, which is probably due to the fact that you can walk everywhere.

Right, I had better go and have breakfast now - there's lots more to do before I board a train back to Liverpool tomorrow. I'll keep you all updated!

Lilly Wolf