Proenza Schouler Spring 2015 Beauty

If there's one fashion film that's inspired me to write a blog post/change up my beauty routine, it's Proenza Schouler's beautifully laid back Spring 2015 video by Harley Weir. Titled 'Legs Are Not Doors' and apparently inspired by TV shows like Real Sex and Taxicab Confessions, the 2-minute film features Chloe Sevigny, Liv Tyler, Liya Kebede, Binx Walton, Fei Fei Sun, Laura Love, Olympia Scarry, Raina Hamner, Solveig Almaas, and India Menuez. 

Had I always been a bit wary of Proenza Schouler's videos (remember that Harmony Korine video from 2011 – sorry but it was not up my street), I was not only wowed by the star-studded cast, but also the beautiful settings, warm 70s inspired colours and fashion pieces and – last but not least – the incredible makeup.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 20.36.03.png

But let's start talking about the makeup of the video, done by makeup artist by Susie Sobol. Each character looks slightly different but the overall look is kept simple and natural – most don't even wear any mascara! My personal favourites definitely include the colourful nails above. Who else could have made nails like that look classy? While I probably won't be trying this look at home anytime soon (I don't even own green and yellow nail varnish!), I admire Sobol's eye for colour and would love to see this executed in real life.

However, my favourite look is definitely the one below. Bare faced and rocking neither mascara nor any other makeup, the stained coral lips complete this look. I actually often refrain from wearing mascara when I put on red lipstick, but I love seeing this look done for a big fashion campaign.
Are stained lips and bare lashes the new thing then? I certainly hope so, as all I've been rocking these past few week's is tinted lip balms, which give the lips a soft sheen of colour, while also nurturing them. 

If you'd like to try out this look at home, I'd suggest using a tinted lip balm by the likes of Burt's Bees or Ilia for the task, however you could also dab on any coral lipstick (try Ilia's Perfect Day lipstick), then blot most of it off with some tissue paper. Repeat the process and you've got yourself the perfect "lived in" lip look.

Which fashion campaign has inspired you recently?

Lilly Wolf