Organic Beauty – Body & Hair Care

After the Organic Beauty Basics and a roundup on Skincare, let's talk about organic body & haircare today! As before, I will discuss a few brands whose philosophies I wholeheartedly agree with and will, of course, spill the beans on some brands I would love to try out in the near future. 

Dr. Hauschka

The story: Stemming from alternative medicine practices, Dr. Hauschka is the daughter company of anthroposophic medicine company WALA, founded by Rudolf Hauschka in 1935. Without going into the whole 'alternative medicine' subject in too much detail, I have to say that Dr. Hauschka creates some great products, although I don't always agree with the philosophy behind them. For example, I will never support the idea of not applying an overnight treatment/moisturiser to let my skin "breathe". Issues aside, Dr. Hauschka offers great products at affordable prices (in Germany, that is).

Tried and tested: I keep going back to the Quince Hydrating Body Milk, which smells divine and sinks in very quickly – perfect for the in-between seasons time. Another trusty favourite is the Rose Day Cream Light, which I used to carry in my bag throughout the winter. Although I'd class the Translucent Bronzing Tint as makeup, I can't not mention it – whether you're trying to freshen up your pale winter skin or looking to prolong your tan, it's my bronzer of choice at the moment.


The story: Weleda is one of those brands that I've known and used from a young age; especially their body washes have always featured strongly at my home. Weleda abides fair trade practices, only uses natural ingredients that haven't been test on animals and which originate from plants grown using biodynamic methods. Many of their products bear the BDIH kite mark (certified natural cosmetic).

Tried and testedAs mentioned before, I'm an avid user of Weleda's Body Wash, be it Lavender for some much needed relaxation, or Wild Rose and Pomegranate for some indulgence. Another product I swear by is their Wild Rose Oil, which smells divine and is the perfect treat to dry skin.

On my wishlist: Weleda's Skin Food has been raved about by many and I'm more than curious to see whether it is worth the money.

John Masters Organics

The story: Recommended by none other than Meg of Lips So Facto, I invested in some John Masters hair products after years of struggling with an itchy scalp. Born out of a desire to create luxury hair products that treat the earth with respect, John Masters Organics has more than 20 years of experience under its belt. Following the USDA certified-organic food standards, it is a great range for people with sensitive scalps who are having trouble finding the right sulphate free haircare.

Tried and testedI have had the pleasure to use both the Bare Unscented Shampoo and Detangler, which are the perfect products for anyone suffering from itchy and dry scalp. While the shampoo is one of my favourites, I'm not overly impressed by the Detangler – which does what it promises but nothing else. Speaking as a girl suffering from very flat and straight hair, I'm in the market for something a little more volumising. A firm favourite is the Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray With Lavender, which smells incredible (I definitely have a thing for lavender at the moment) and gives my hair the right amount of texture.

On my wishlist: Doesn't the Rosemary & Peppermint Detangler just smell divine? I'm certainly intrigued!

Kevin Murphy

The storyI first heard about Kevin Murphy when I watched Alexis of Style Memos' video on haircare. When my new hairdresser used the products on me and I was really pleased with the result, I knew I would have to give the brand a go to see how it would cope on a day-to-day basis. Hailing all the way from Australia, Kevin Murphy believe in the use of micro cultivation, organic growing practices and ecologically sound wild harvesting techniques. Even their bottles are designed to use up as little space as possible.

Tried and testedI currently use their Blonde Angel Wash and Blonde Angel treatment, which smell of lavender and refresh my blonde hair. The treatment is incredibly soothing and makes my hair as soft as butter. To add some volume, I apply the Anti Gravity Spray to my hair when it is still damp. This gives it some texture without weighing it down or adding too much product.

On my wishlistAlways trying to prolong washing my hair for as long as possible, I currently have my eye on Kevin Murphy's Fresh Hair product.


The storyHandmade in New York City and a firm favourites with many organic beauty enthusiasts, Soapwalla was set up by its founder Rachel in her kitchen to alleviate her painful sensitive skin rashes. Their products are comprised of organic, vegan and food-grade ingredients.

Tried and testedTheir star product is their Organic Deodorant Cream, made using a a blend of shea butter, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, vegetable powders and clays with lavender, peppermint and tea tree essential oils. At first, the thought of smearing cream onto my armpits was more than obscure, but after a day or two I adjusted and was impressed by its performance immediately (when you return from the gym without any B.O, you just know you're onto a winner!). But here comes the downside: My hyper sensitive skin doesn't get on with the essential oils in the product all too well – cue a red rash on my armpits. After some adjustments, I can now tell you the secret to success: A little goes a long way and alternating this with my trusty Aesop Deodorant means I'm now free of both a rash and B.O

Like with skincare, I'd like to give a few brands an honorary mention. First up is Rahua, whose shampoo & conditioner I tried but dismissed, as it just didn't get on with my hair – however, having only tried their volumising product line, I now have high hopes for their standard range. A brand I'm very curious about is London-based Orico, who target their products specifically to city skin, and whose body oils look divine. Last but not least, let's not forget candlemakers Neom, who I've been meaning to sample for a very long time.

Lilly Wolf