New year, new luck, some might say. But let's begin by reflecting on 2014. After launching In A Pavilion in February, I was so happy to build up such a great and responsive reader base - thank you all for sticking with me throughout the past ten months, it means the world to me! 

Apart from setting up my own blog, my professional life also saw me taking some big steps; after quitting my old job at a PR agency working as an editorial assistant, I now work as an online editor in charge of social media at Freunde von Freunden. It's exciting to be part of such a creative and inspiring workplace and I haven't stopped rubbing my eyes in disbelief to work with such a great team.

When it comes to personal achievements, the last year was full of highs and lows - my boyfriend and I finally made our flat into a warm and welcome home (and continue to do so). I got to know Berlin, the city I live in, much better and have by now visited about 80% of all good coffee shops, which was rather enjoyable.
Juggling work and blog was quite a big challenge, however, so my fitness and health took a bit of a downturn - something I intend to change in the new year!

In retrospect, 2014 was one big step towards laying the foundation of my goals - as cheesy as that may sound. So, what's to expect of 2015? 


Last year, I didn't really take any time to travel - apart from a few flying visits home and the occasional city weekend -, so this year I intend to discover some new sights. Helsinki and Scotland are currently at the top of my bucket list, as visits to Japan and Iceland seem rather unrealistic at the moment... 


Trying to run a blog alongside a full-time job can be challenging at the best of times, but I see this blog as my personal creative outlet.

Your favourite article of the year was my 'A Glimpse Into My Home' post. This year, you can expect many more interior posts and another, more updated, tour of my home - as soon as the days are longer again. Winter sun = a photographer's nightmare!
Furthermore, I plan to publish more interviews with inspiring personalities, along the lines of my previous 'A Conversation With' articles with the lovely Lisa of Folkdays and Viivi of Arela.

But that's not all: My love for all things beauty hasn't faded over this past year and so I'll be continuing to test and portray well-loved and tested products, as well as introduce you to new and exciting items I come across.

Health & Fitness

Apart from riding my bike to and from work throughout the summer and autumn, last year was not my best fitness year to date. Swapping an active lifestyle for a desk job saw me neglect my fitness - and this had physical and emotional consequences on me. This year, I plan to look after myself a bit more; after all I'm turning 24 in June! Next week I am starting my new fitness regime - and no excuse will get in my way!

I spent the first day of 2015 on a long walk through the Black Forest - what better way to reflect on the past year and discuss new beginnings!

Cheers to 2015!

Lilly Wolf