Seeing as though it was my 23rd birthday this past Friday, I thought I would change up the Saturday Through A Lens post and make it a birthday one instead. 
After a delicious breakfast at home and opening my gifts, I spent the day out, mainly at Bikini Berlin watching the monkeys from the Monkey Bar. Having a skyline and a zoo to gaze at really did make it a special day. Lots of food was consumed and I drank not but two bottles of champagne - it was my birthday, so it was allowed! Yesterday was also treated as my birthday - haven't you ever heard of a birthday week?! - and I ended up framing lots of photos and artworks and buying a few new additions to my living room. 
Today will be more of a laid back affair; I'm meeting a friend for a coffee and will be browsing some flea markets for frames. That's it from me guys, I hope you all have a lovely Sunday!

Lilly Wolf