Lilac Line

I recently read this article by Leandra of The Man Repeller about how the makeup of the catwalks has become more and more influential over the years and it got me thinking; do these makeup trends really translate into real life? 

I haven't always taken an interest in makeup. In fact I hardly wore any until I was 18 years old - since then it has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions and experiments. Makeup is something magical, it lets you create a mask with just one simple flick of your mascara wand. Most girls would agree that just a hint of red lipstick can make you feel like a million bucks. But when it comes to beauty a lot of girls seem to be rather conservative; while many would be more than willing to wear adventurously printed items of clothing, I have not come across many who would try wearing a different coloured eyeshadow or lipstick. 

One of the things I most enjoy about the fashion weeks is reading the backstage reports and having a sneak peek at the makeup artists creations. And, like Leandra said "when you’re twenty and dying to own a pair of your favorite designer’s shoes but can only afford the eyeshadow, beauty seems like a very real way to interact with a world that’s still slightly alien." 

The show whose makeup had the biggest impact on me this season is by far Chloé. Diane Kendal had me with those lilac eyeshadows and nude lips. And there it is, I'm considering recreating the look. Purple eyeshadow though? I remember buying one when I was about 15 and someone told me purple is the complementary colour of green (the colour of my eyes). Fast-forward 7 years and I'm just as gullible to a good salesperson, just that now I won't let the lady from the local drugstore advise me but go straight to the source. 

So do these trends stick? I don't know, but I will most certainly be wearing my Mac Beautiful Iris eyeshadow with pride. 

Lilly Wolf