If there's one thing I have always liked it's scented candles. There's nothing quite like sitting on the sofa (or lying in bed) and having a candle fill your home with lovely smells. And being a huge fan of all things interior, they also double up as great glasses or storage cups for makeup brushes, cutlery, cotton buds,... the list goes on. So I thought it was about time I shared my favourite candle manufacturers with you all. 


Now, A.P.C. may be better known for manufacturing good quality clothes, but their candles aren't all that bad either; in fact they're pretty damn good. I'm especially fond of the simple scents and design - their Feuille de Figuier and Fleur d'Oranger are my current favourites.


You can't make a list of the top candle manufacturers without mentioning Diptyque. While they all come with a hefty price tag, their fragrances tend to make any room feel homely and in my eyes they're worth every penny. I treated myself to a big Feu de Bois (French for log fire) and it's still going strong about 10 months later. Next I wouldn't mind a Baies candle...


Thanks to my mum I've been aware of the strong game of Lambert Estella candles for years. They come in gorgeous thick glass jars and are great for reusing with tea lights. You can't say no to a candle that's 12.50€, can you! 


Another candle classic is Muji. As their candles are rather affordable and come in cute little tins, I tend to use them on a more regular basis, whilst I save my expensive ones for special occasions. A clear Feu de Bois ripoff is their Log Fire candle, another good option is the Hinoki Wood one. And at a price of 4€, who can complain!

True Grace

True Grace might not be known to everyone, but I must say they have a strong candle game going on! Whenever I return to the UK (or one of my friends come to visit), I try to at least bring back one of their tin candles. They last forever and have the most intense and beautiful scents. I'm currently burning Moroccan Rose and Library and I want them to never end.

So you see, I'm a bit of a collector. And I've been eyeing up a few new editions recently! Not one or two, but four brands have caught my attention: Byredo, Le Labo, Jo Malone and Malin Goetz all seem to make damn good candles, so I'm bound to give them a go once my next pay cheque is in...

Lilly Wolf