If there's one thing I spend just as much money on as I do on beauty products it is cookbooks. They are the perfect union of two of my passions: food and design. Although I find a lot of recipes on the internet, there's nothing quite like flicking through a cookbook and choosing a dish to cook, so I thought it was time I shared three of my favourite books with you!

Ceviche is a London-based Peruvian restaurant that mainly focuses on - you've probably guessed it - ceviche. Having dinner there last summer was one of THE best things ever, so buying the cookbook was a logical step. The beautiful cover is a promise of its exceptional content. I can't say I've tried lots of the recipes - most of it requires fresh seafood and I like to buy mine fresh from the harbour - but the ones I've tried so far are delicious!

A classic book for anyone wanting to try their hand at brioches and éclairs is The Art Of French Baking. The book beholds an endless supply of French recipes, all laden with sugar and butter - but isn't that what makes them so goddamn delicious?! Every one of the desserts I have had a go at has turned out well, so it's definitely a cookbook staple for anyone with a sweet tooth. 

Lastly comes Rose Bakery's famous Breakfast, Lunch, Tea book. Unfortunately I have never been to the Parisian café myself, although I only hear good things, so buying this book was a way of introducing Rose Bakery's delicious food into my home. Let's put it this way: I wasn't disappointed. The cookbook is full of helpful recipes for dishes such as granola, quiches and salads. They might sound quite simple, but boy do they taste good!

What are your favourite cookbooks?

Lilly Wolf