My holiday is approaching fast, so I thought it was about time I asked you guys for some help. Now, before you all get the wrong impression and think I’m off to some tropical island, let me just clarify: in late May I’m visiting the UK - Liverpool, Bristol, Bath, Manchester and Edinburgh to be precise. Over the course of two weeks I plan to catch up with old friends, meet new ones and go to a family wedding. Having never been up North before, I have little to no idea what to expect. I’m very excited to explore some new sites and will certainly delve into a bit of research the coming week.
Ever the foodie I will be on the hunt for the best dinner and lunch spots, some damn good coffee and last but not least: a good café to have breakfast at. I’m also not impartial to a spot of shopping, so I’ll be looking out for nice little boutiques along the lines of Goodhood in London and the usual suspects like Space.NK, Whistles, John Lewis and, of course, anywhere that stocks Acne. Other than eating and shopping, I am also looking for a fix of culture, be it galleries, museums or (Botanical) gardens.

Do you know any places I should visit in Liverpool, Manchester and Edinburgh? 

Lilly Wolf