In Seven Days Around The Web #9

And it's time for my week's favourites again. This time is all about art, frames, a little bit of craft beer and the genius that is Lisa Eldridge. Enjoy!


Alicia has published a good collection of frames on her blog Kooye. I've been meaning to get my photos and prints framed for ages and the pictures were a great inspiration.

I'm so annoyed I only found out about this Dan Attoe exhibition at Peres Projects this week - it ends on 19th April, which means I'll miss it...

The Coveteur has had a chance to look around Lisa Eldridge's home. I'm a huge fan of hers and her home is stunning! It's also great to find out some more details about Lisa's life through the images and objects at her home.

Just a simple picture from the Riazzoli blog, but I love the composition of the flowers, candlesticks, frames and that beautiful wooden table. 

I love the Zeit magazin. Their quick visual summaries of the magazine are really cool and such a good idea!

For any beer lovers out there, I give you Hops Hysteria. Sadly it's in German, but hey, the images are good, too!

Another exhibition (this time one that is on till 29th August) is Visites" Roselyne Titaud at Collection Regard. I can't wait to go and check it out!

Have a good weekend, everyone and happy Easter!

Lilly Wolf