In Seven Days Around The Web #86

This week on In A Pavilion: Welcome back to In Seven Days Around The Web. After a long hiatus, this weekly feature is back. Expect lots of inspiring articles, new discoveries and even the odd song or two from time to time. On my end not much has changed – starting work after a two-week break wasn't easy but I've returned with lots of energy and a drive to start some new projects and finally finish some old ones. First up, possibly a blog redesign? I'll keep you posted. For now, enjoy this week's selection of links.


  • I've been dreaming of New Zealand a lot these past few months. Doesn't life down there look ever so idyllic? Take Ophelia Mikkelson (I want a pair of her socks so bad!) and Ryder Jones. The two artists live in a beautiful little house by the sea and lead the life of my dreams. Read all about it on In Bed Journal – thanks Yasmine and Greta (another two that are doing exactly what I'd like to!)
  • Japan is among the list of countries I'd like to visit this year. Whether it will happen is written in the stars, but Meg's tips on Lips So Facto will certainly come in handy once I do take the trip.
  • More travel content: I'm a big fan of Brighton and love visiting the seaside city whenever I'm in the UK, so Vivianna Does Makeup's list of the best breakfast spots will definitely be useful.
  • Some of you might already know how much I like my baking. Claire Ptak is one of my favourites, so her recipe series for The Guardian is always a pleasure to read. Currently on my list: Her Pear, poppy-seed and chia porridge muffins.
  • Have you heard that H&M is launching its own conscious beauty collection this February? Although I'm a bit dubious about big brands only producing small amounts of their products sustainably (why not just go 100% green), I have to admit it's a step in the right direction – Vogue UK reports.
  • An oldie but a goldie: Miss Moss' feature on Tasha Tudor.
  • Many might believe books like 'Gone Girl' and 'The Girl On The Train' have sparked a new literary genre, but The Guardian's Sophie Hannah strongly disagrees.
  • An inspiration for anyone looking for a new hobby: Natalie of Magic Surrounds tells us about some further learning courses she's looking into.
  • Zoe Williams' report on The Eagles twenty fifth anniversary in The Guardian is well worth a read.
  • I've been devouring Elena Ferrantes Neapolitan novels like everyone else – and the author's mysterious identity (no one knows who she is) has intrigued me. This article in The New Yorker is especially interesting.
  • Do you write short stories? Then enter the BBC National Short Story Award 2016, you've got until the 11th of March.
  • I love author Hilary Mantel and I really liked Elizabeth Jane Howard's Cazalet chronicles, so when the former writes about the latter for The Guardian, it's well worth a read.


I've discovered quite a few photographers and one of them is Crista Leonard, who photographs beautiful still lifes. Next up is Janneke Luursema, whose plant pictures are exactly the way I'd like to take photos: mysterious and dreamy. The journal of New Zealand hair and skincare brand Sans Ceuticals has been a great resource these past few weeks, full of recipes and interviews. Another new photographer find, Theresa Marx who takes crisp portraits with her analogue camera.


I haven't watched any of Alexa Chung's previous Future of Fashion episodes, but this two-part feature on the people working for Vogue has made me want to work at a magazine.


Chet Faker turned the New York blizzard into a great piece of music.

That's it for now, have a great Sunday!

Lilly Wolf