In Seven Days Around The Web #82

This week on In A Pavilion: Better late than never. And in that spirit I decided to publish last week's internet favourites a day late. Having spent my weekend in Hamburg with my boyfriend watching Jamie XX and enjoying the northern German city's many culinary delights, I have to ruefully admit that the blog and this weekly feature had to take a backseat. Anyway, I got there in the end, so here are last week's best of the best, all in one place for your perusal!


  • Keira Knightley is making her broadway debut. With The New York Times she discusses the upcoming title role, as well as being a mother.
  • One of my favourite Instagramers, Gia Salvaggio, ended up on Into The Gloss' Top Shelf.
  • How many people have you slept with? The Guardian asked people and they answered, including some interesting facts on sex.
  • Grace aka That Grace Girl is now writing for Beauty Bay's new Edited magazine. Her first feature is all about bolts-on skincare. Well done, Grace!
  • (German) Primer & Lacquer testet bei sich daheim die muun Matratze und hat ein paar wirklich schöne Bilder aus der Familien-Idille veröffentlicht.
  • I've recently gotten a taste for Sisley's beautiful beauty offerings – so it will come as no surprise that I'm all over That Grace Girl's article on their AW15 range.
  • Maison Ellis shares a photo roundup of her weekend in Manchester. What a lovely insight into Bridie's life!
  • (German) Wie bereits mehrfach auf diesem Blog angekündigt bin ich großer Fan von 'Used Up' Artikeln. Und so überrascht es auch, dass Klischees Post zum Thema in dieser Woche mit dabei ist. Das Phyto Phytoneutre Shampoo steht jetzt auf meiner Liste.
  • Ethical, sustainable fashion is becoming more and more readily available, both on- and offline. Suitcase Mag has compiled a great list of brands. (via Dot Daria)
  • Master perfumer Frédéric Malle is obviously a big name in the olfactory business. Brian W. Ferry has taken some beautiful photos of the legend for The Hour Magazine.


I've been an avid fan of illustrator Laura Carlin's work for years and years and am excited that some of her creations can now be purchased via The New Craftsmen. Those plates <3  |  Illustrator Kaye Blegvad's online shop Horizontal Press is always full of beautiful, sexy goods. This print by Maria Ines Gul, as seen on Sean Santiago's Instagram, is just great and I would love to have it framed in my bedroom. Christmas present, anyone?  |  The works of ceramicist Adam Buick are a joy to behold – as seen on Toast Travels.  |  And some more interior goodness: horn lamps by Oskar Kohnen, via Inattendu.


How good is this song by Jennylee, the bassist of Warpaint! Can't stop listening!

That's Food Darling is back and brings you the best music to listen to in autumn.

And that concludes this Monday night roundup. I hope you've all had a good start into your week!

Lilly Wolf