In Seven Days Around The Web #76

This week on In A Pavilion: Happy Sunday everyone! After a busy week back in Berlin (and then away in Stuttgart on business again), today it's time for me to finally unpack, tidy the flat and enjoy some moments of calm before another busy week starts. The most exciting new addition to my area is the opening of an organic supermarket, including a bakery nearby. Finally I will be able to do my weekly shop on foot/bike and can now cook all my heart's desires – so get ready for some recipes coming soon! For now, check this week's online treasures. 


  • Me & Orla never disappoints – her book recommendations for her daughter are great and some have already been added to the long list of 'books to read'.
  • Sali Hughes takes on facemasks and shares her pick of quick and affordable products, on The Guardian.
  • Bridie's fashion posts are always on point – her latest one, featuring a stunning bell-sleeved top, is one of my favourites which can definitely be traced back to the beautiful photographs, on Maison Ellis.
  • Business Of Fashion published a great insight into Glossier, Into The Gloss and their founder Emily Weiss.
  • I'm a big fan of Lucky Peach and their latest series, Pastry School, is great for anyone looking to improve their pastry skills.
  • Toast's fennel, celery, aubergine, lentil and feta salad looks delicious – it's finally time for those warm, autumnal salads!
  • Jeremy Corbyn being voted as the leader of the Labour party has revived my confidence in British politics and I'm going to be watching with interest what's to come for the Labour party in the following months. The Guardian reports on the day Labour was hit by a political earthquake.
  • For Toast's new OAS collection, inspired by workwear, they asked four women to wear their fashion pieces and go about their work – what a lovely idea! I especially liked the portrait of garden designer Cali and food alchemist Tiffany.


Mercedes just launched their new magazine, She's Mercedes, targeted at women. Their first interview is with the two talents behind 'hey woman!'. | Beach House's latest album, Depression Cherry, has been playing a fair bit at the flat. Their familiar sound transports me back years and is bitter sweet.


Cereal's videos are always top notch, but this one for Penhaligons' latest two scents is really pushing the boat out and is an interesting alternative to the standard advertising videos.

If you have an hour to kill, I urge you to watch Into The Gloss's Top Shelf Panel. Besides getting to know the panelists better, the video is really inspiring and gives you some insight into celebrity beauty tips and beauty magazines.


Daria of Dot Daria has just published her autumn mixtape and it's featuring some great tunes from the likes of Noisey and Tom Rosenthal.

Voilà, that's it for this week. Do you have anything to add?

Lilly Wolf