In Seven Days Around The Web #70

This week on In A Pavilion: I'm back from my holiday! My week in Morocco was relaxing and inspiring and has spurred me on to go exploring more. What a great country full of colours, scents, traditions and culture! Once I've got my film developed, sorted my photos and processed my memories and impressions, I'll be sure to write a little something about my trip on here. For now, my internet highlights of the past week.


  • You might have already seen it on social media platforms this week: Artist Yolanda Dominguez asks kids to describe what they see in fashion campaigns, via It's Nice That.
  • The New Yorker's Maria Konnikova asks why we can't fall asleep (something I've struggled with for the past few months).
  • I haven't read Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird. There, I've said it. It's on my list though, and so is her new novel Go Set A Watchman. The Guardian has published the first chapter of the book.
  • Bridie of Maison Ellis is moving into her own apartment – and blessed with impeccable style, it's only natural she wrote a great blog post on open-plan living.
  • i-D speaks to five creatives, who studied in London who are currently living and working in Lisbon, about the merits of the Portuguese city.
  • Folkdays asked the two Hemsley sisters a few questions about their business.
  • Summer is the time for iced tea: Cate St Hill shares two recipes on her blog.
  • (German) Aida war neulich für Munchies in Irans Qamsar, der Welthauptstadt der Rosenwassergewinnung.
  • According to Aimee Groth, entrepreneurs don't have a special gene for risk but come from families with money – an interesting comment on Quartz.
  • Banana coconut pancakes, now that's something we can all get behind – recipe on Badlands.
  • (German) Die Girls von Femtastics haben momentan Sommerrezept-Themenwoche und teilen ihre liebsten Rezepte für die warme Jahreszeit.
  • Brian W. Ferry just published some photos from last summer and they're evoking a strong sense of familiarity in me.
  • My summer holidays are over, but if you're still looking for a good holiday beauty edit, take a look at this one by That Grace Girl.
  • Wreaths aren't just nice during Christmas – Me & Orla shares a tutorial of how to make a summer wreath.
  • (German) Wenn es um Haarprodukte geht, habe ich immer noch nicht wirklich das richtige für mich gefunden – Klischee stellt ein paar 'organic' Marken und ihre Produkte vor und ich notier mir das mal...


Having just returned from holiday, it's only natural that I have all things swimwear on my mind, so here are two brands I've come across this week: Veronica Dreyer Swimwear, via Inattendu, and Pale Swimwear, via Miss Moss.

That's it for this week – what did you get up to?

Lilly Wolf