In Seven Days Around The Web #68

Photography: Robert Prideaux

Photography: Robert Prideaux

This week on In A Pavilion: I got to play with some clothing by young British fashion brand Feldt (preview image above) for a story I'm doing with them. Usually being the one behind the camera, it took some warming up, but the results are great. Credit goes to my lovely boyfriend, who was patiently clicking away and trying to get me out of my shell. I can't wait to share the images with you. The lighting was great – summer does have its perks, especially come 5pm, when the sun finally pokes its head through our windows. In other news, I'm going on holiday to Morocco with my little sister next weekend and am spending this week at my parents' in the south of Germany. Time to soak in some vitamin D and take some more photos of my parents' garden.


  • Lucky Peach is one of my favourite publications when it comes to food. This time around, Abel Nabor Campos shares his recipe for Mexican donas – it's not for the faint-hearted!
  • Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea, but I'm intrigued: A report on the new 'sheer' nail polishes, on Into The Gloss.
  • According to Oyster Magazine, American Apparel may not exist anymore next year.
  • The Guardian's Isabel Hilton explains why China's stock market crash is a problem for the whole world.
  • Always dreamed of living in Sicily? The town of Gangi is currently giving away homes to try and boost its dwindling population, The New York Times reports.
  • A topic that might not necessarily be on everyone's mind but is worth noting: Me & Orla discusses image theft and shares some tips on how to best deal with it.
  • Berlin Fashion Week is already been and gone – Ari of Primer & Lacquer reflects on the shows and discusses taking her 2-year-old daughter along.
  • New York in June – I love the images by Anabela of the blog Fieldguided.
  • House of Fraser is launching a lifestyle brand called Gray & Willow. Cate St Hill introduces us.
  • My friend Natasha recently turned 30 and shares 10 things she learnt in her twenties, on Red Online.
  • Finally some interesting makeup on Berlin's runways: Journelles shares a backstage look at Hien Le's SS16 show.
  • When Amanda of Assembled Hazardly talks, I listen.
  • (German) Mein Körper: ein Überwachungsstaat – Edition Fs Silvia Follmann setzt sich mit dem neuen Hype der 'Wearable Technologies' auseinander.
  • Last Wednesday was the one-year anniversary of Israel's attack on Gaza – First Look reflects and interviews Max Blumenthal.


Perhaps a little too kitsch for some: The Palmyra Lamp by Moving Mountains, as seen on Inattendu. | A blog worth checking out: Human Sea Vintage by Dulcie.


How interesting to see the city you live in through the eyes of someone else! The Private Life Of A Girl shares a short video of her trip to the city.

That's it for this week – how did you spend your week and what are you up to this weekend?

Lilly Wolf