In Seven Days Around The Web #59

This week on In A Pavilion: I made my first bread (!!!) and it came out perfectly, thick crust and all! Other than that, avocado and lemon seeds were prepped for planting (something that takes a long time, at least for avocado seeds) and we started our first sourdough starter. Who knows, I may become a domestic goddess after all!

👋🏻home made bread

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What I Read:

  • Hadley Freeman's articles are always worth reading. This time she takes a look at lifestyle gurus and their pseudoscience and I couldn't stop nodding and laughing whilst reading.
  • Me & Orla discusses the 'I woke up like this' trend and the lies beauty companies tell us in order to sell their products.
  • Harold McGee sheds some light on what exactly gluten is, on Lucky Peach.
  • It's rhubarb season and Lillie O'Brian of London Borough of Jam shares a recipe for rhubarb and cardamom jam, on The Standard.
  • AnOther Mag shares three restaurants in beautiful gardens.
  • I've always wanted to make my own smudge stick – Belinda Evans shares her method for an Australian version, on The Planthunter.
  • Photographer Emma Gutteridge shares the best spots to go wild garlic foraging in Sussex, on her blog retrEAT.
  • Cate St. Hill visits the London-based shop Native + Co, which I'd only known from the internet.
  • As usual, Jessica Stanley's link collection has been keeping me busy this week.
  • Most notably this feature about Margot Henderson, on Munchies.
  • (German content) Meine Freundin Aida hat für die deutsche Version von Munchies einen tollen Artikel über den einzig wahren Berliner Street Food Market geschrieben – bitte alle lesen!
  • Intern Mag introduces us to their team member Sigrid Bjorbekkmo, who takes beautiful photographs.

What I Discovered:

Photographer Lena Emery has shot campaigns for prestigious magazines like The Gentlewoman and Apartamento and I cannot get enough of her beautiful images; there's a new fashion brand in town, Feldt, and it's worth checking out if you're looking for some staple additions to your wardrobe; I'm full on obsessed with all things gardening at the moment and the seeds by plant aficionado Mary Lennox aka Ruby Barber look too good to be true; buns for Berlin: London export Black Isle Bakery has set foot in Berlin and is offering their delicious pastries and other culinary treats across cafés in the city.

What I Watched:

Leandra of The Man Repeller teams up with Nars to bring you this vlog-style video – after Into The Gloss' vlog last week, I'm starting to see a pattern here...

That's it for this week, I'm now off to make lemon ricotta pancakes (thanks, Anna Jones!) and spend the day with my sister, who's currently visiting.

Lilly Wolf