In Seven Days Around The Web #58

This week on In A Pavilion: This week's been a good one. I discovered a delicious taco-style dish (recipe to come soon) which has finally made me take pack lunches to work, may have found myself a new flat in Kreuzberg (it's cheaper, has a bath AND a balcony) and planted tomato seeds ready for sprouting. Here are my week's internet highlights:

What I Read This Week:

What I Discovered This Week:

A new cookbook has found its way into my kitchen – Anna Jones' A Modern Way To Eat. So far the recipes haven't failed me and are both delicious and easy to make at home; Handmade and filigran jewellery by London-based The Lipstick Diaries (via Meg);

What I Watched This Week:

Watch Annie of Into The Gloss get ready in this cute video – a refreshing and honest way of beauty vlogging!

That's it for this week. Happy Sunday to you all!

Lilly Wolf