In Seven Days Around The Web #55

This week on In A Pavilion: I spent my weekend at my sister's place in Hamburg and have only just returned to Berlin. I had a delicious breakfast (in the sun!) at Café Johanna, sampled the coffee roasters' offerings across town, discovered some great design gems and spent some quality time with my sister (here's some photographic proof!). Aside from the weekend frolics, I also placed an order for two beautiful silk garments from Marina London – my first clothing purchase in ages!

What I Read This Week

  • Gary Younge discusses a migrant's life between their old and new home on The Guardian. (via Jessica Stanley)
  • The 1st of April marks the submission deadline for the Berlin Art Prize!
  • (German content) Wie würden gute Radwege in Berlin aussehen? Der Tagesspiegel findet es heraus.
  • Artist Henry Moore has returned to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for the Henry Moore: Back to a Land exhibition – Hunger TV reports.
  • Intern Magazine introduces us to CSM graduate Jack Bedford, who's right between graphic design and illustration.
  • Daria shares her beautiful zine she has made for university on her blog.
  • Do you know how to make scented soy candles at home? I didn't know quite how easy it was until I came across this article(via Miss Moss)
  • 18 Women tell The Cut what contractions really feel like – and how enlightening it was!
  • Bridie reviews Jawbone's Up24 wearable technology band – and makes me want to invest in one immediately!
  • Smitten Kitchen's recipe of baked chickpeas with pita chips and yogurt makes me hungry just by looking at the images.
  • Brian W. Ferry's images of this year's winter make me, almost, wish for some more crisp winter days.
  • Brittany's style is second to none – I'm especially fond of the beautiful Whistles shirt she sported in her recent outfit post.
  • Gemma Germains discusses the price of design on the Well Made Studio blog.
  • (German content) Das Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin (in wirklich tollem neuen Design) fragt Paare nach dem Moment, an dem sie wussten, dass sie verliebt sind.

What I Discovered This Week

Finery London is a London-based fashion brand, which I came across thanks to Brittany. I love their clothes (please ship to the EU soon!) and was especially fond of the London guide by their head of design, Emma Farrow; another great blog run by a clothing brand is Live The Process – check it out for lots of inspirational content.

What I Listened To This Week

As a big Death Cab For Cutie fan, the long awaited release of their new album Kintsugi has got me so excited – and listening to it on NPR this week has been great!

Another NPR listen is Sufjan Stevens' new album Carrie Lowell, which dulcet tones have had me feeling soothed and relaxed at work this week.

What I Watched This Week

Bridie of Maison Ellis shows us how she gets ready everyday and shares some highlighting tips for nights out.

TED-Ed tells us why sitting is so bad for us – and makes me so aware that I need to move around more when I'm at work.

hat's it from my end. I hope you all have a good start into the week, I'll be making my way home for Easter in a few days!

Lilly Wolf