So this week's findings are all under the star that is Wes Anderson. When I *finally* went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel, I was once again blown away by Anderson's precise craftsmanship and his doll-house way of telling stories. I think this film may just be my favourite - closely followed by Moonrise Kingdom and Fantastic Mr Fox, in case you're wondering. Happy friday!

This is the best recipe video I have ever seen. Why can't all cooking channels be like this? Is it a gap in the market? Maybe I should quit my job and produce Wes Anderson style recipe videos from now on. You'll definitely find me slaving away on some choux pastry trying to recreate Mendl's "courtesan au chocolat" this weekend!

So we all knew Wes Anderson was very much into detail - but maybe not quite so much? And while we're going with the whole Anderson theme, if you're about to redecorate your home, why not go by a Wes Anderson approved colour palette

Apart from my unrequited love to Wes Anderson, I also have a pretty big crush on Sofia Coppola; when the news broke that she is directing her own take on The Little Mermaid, I straight away started dreaming of a sort of 'Romeo And Juliet' style film. Dazed was obviously just as excited, here's their feature.

Ok, let's move on. Here's some music to wrap your ears around - I'm a huge fan of both Maya Jane Coles and Bonobo so this collaboration is perfect. While it's not strictly speaking new (25 days old according to Soundcloud), but it's definitely worth being included in this week's highlight as it was played at least once a day at work.

My all-time favourite designer, the incredible Phoebe Philo, got an OBE last Saturday. Now, the fashion girls amongst you will obviously already have heard, but I thought it was worth the mention. Here's some more deetz.

This article on Into The Gloss about working out was quite helpful for me; I hate doing sport, but working on a desk for 9 hours a day, 5 days a week has taken its toll on my fitness. I've started to feel really tired and unfit - time to work out. Although I definitely won't be able to afford a personal trainer...

I've been planning to buy a Jo Malone candle for quite some time now and this new design by Michael Angove might have just made me take that crucial step to my nearest department store to buy it... Thanks, Caroline!

This review by Meg of Kiehl's Skin Rescuer is great. Finally a product to soothe sensitive, irritated skin! I'll turn to this little wonder potion if I ever have any skin-related trouble in future.

Happy Friday, people!

Lilly Wolf