In Seven Days Around The Web #48

This week on In A Pavilion: With a friend visiting at the moment and having taken Thursday and Friday off work, this week has been full of activities and drinks. We went to the Botanical Gardens, an experimental film screening, a street food market and more than enough bars. Of course, I also spent some time conducting a list of my current favourite books, magazines and podcasts for the latest installment of Neverending Stories.


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Obviously the carrot cake I made on Monday can't go unmentioned!

But now the week is drawing to a close and it's about time I shared my weekly finds with you:

What I Read This Week

What I Watched This Week

Although this is a super old trailer for the Kickstarter campaign for the Joan Didion Documentary - which has since been funded - this trailer is just so moving and makes me very excited for the film to finally be finished!

A video which was shared around at work and which has given me Fernweh!

That's it for this week - as you can see I was pretty busy offline and haven't really had time to accumulate lots of links. Today, I'll spend some time making another carrot cake (the recipe will be coming your way very soon!) and will then be heading to a flea market. How was your weekend?

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