In Seven Days Around The Web #44

The holidays are drawing to a close and I've summed up the two weeks' reading material into one big post for your perusal. Let's start this coming week by reading inspiring articles, listening to good playlists and with a positive outlook.

What I Read This Week

What I Discovered This Week

Meet Where They Create, a great platform showcasing creatives and their workplaces.


Stil in Berlin has compiled a list of the 10 most popular food places in Berlin in 2014 - 5 down, 5 more to test!

What I Listened To This Week

Meg of Lips So Facto has compiled a great December mix.

Another December playlist, this time from Daria of DotDaria.

What I Watched This Week

After Hannah of Capture The Castle spoke about the cinematic style of Samantha Mathis in Jack & Sarah, I had to see for myself and watched the film - it's such a great piece! You can watch the full film over on Youtube!

That's it for this week, thanks for reading and clicking!

Lilly Wolf