In Seven Days Around The Web #40

Hi guys, as you might have noticed my 'In Seven Days Around The Web' has been neglected recently - this is all down to my new job at Freunde von Freunden, which has kept me very busy in the week. Therefore I have decided to change the series up a little. Instead of going live on Fridays, it is now being uploaded on Sundays and will also include some extra bits and bobs that I came across online - let me know what you think!

What I Read This Week

What I Discovered This Week

Danish brand AF Agger Flachs looks incredible - they make comfortable simple design pieces that would definitely fit perfectly into my wardrobe. 
(via Nouvelle DK)

Make It Last is new online magazine focused on contributing to a more sustainable fashion and beauty industry.
(via Inattendu)

The Online Magazine OKREAL - I especially love the feature with Carter Were, who FvF recently did a home story with.                                                 
(via Miss Moss)


Still on the hunt for a 2015 diary? Present & Correct is definitely my favourite stationery shop in London and their paperback sized diaries look great!
(via Journelles)

What I Listened To This Week

  • I've finally started to listened to Serial Podcast, a podcast based on the nonfiction story of a murder - it's really addictive.
  • Bonobo's Flashlight EP is so damn good, I've had it on repeat at work all week.

That's it for now - what do you think about the new look? I can't wait to hear what you think :)

Lilly Wolf