In Seven Days Around The Web #4

With brilliant spring weather and lots of music releases, this week gave us a little taster of the months to come. So instead of lots of heavy reads, I found myself drawn to listening to lots of music and trying to catch at least some sun rays this week. Here's my highlights of the internet:

I'm a big fan of Into the Gloss's Top Shelf category and this week they came up with a cracker. One of my favourite artists/designers, Ana Kras, was asked to talk about her go-to beauty items. If you haven’t come across Ana’s work do have a look – her Bonbon lamps are so nice and I’m tempted to try make myself one, but finding the right lampshade is a harder task than I first imagined… 

The War On Drugs have a new album out! And you can stream it here.

I like house and techno a lot, and this video by Jaeger TV featuring Juan Atkins is quite nice and also tempting me to go out this weekend… 

This week seems to be all about music, Jacques Greene’s new song has just landed so go and check it out, no excuse. 

Ok, this might come as a shock to some but I don’t own a Naked palette. Having never been massively into makeup, I found the price of these palettes just a little steep. In hindsight they are obviously quite good value for money, but I am still not convinced. Anyway, Nouvelle Daily has summed up the three versions pretty accurately, if you’re thinking about buying one. 

For all you German-speaking boys and girls, go have a read of the latest Abendbrot edition at Wirtshaus zum Mitterhofer by Sarah and Maren.

Lilly Wolf