Yet another week has passed and I'm bringing you my favourites around the internet. My first week at work was super busy so excuse the lateness of this post. 

First up is a great new series by Freunde von Freunden, the November breakfast series, where Marta Greber of food blog What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today? cooks up a storm and shares her recipe with us every Sunday. First up was a savory tomato galette and today was all about fruit scones. Mhhh!

(German content) Eine interessante Dokumentation im ZDF über H&M, die perfekt zur momentanen Brisanz passt. 

Drop Magazine's Nick Smith has asked FvF's co-founder Frederik Frede a few questions about FvF's future. I think it's a great piece!

"I feel guilty but I hate my body"

Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett raises an interesting issue on The Guardian.

It's time for autumn winter makeup edits and Kate of About Time Mag knows the best products.

Is workaholism bad for you? Jesse Singal of NY Mag thinks so.

Wim Wenders talks to Chris Michael of The Guardian about Berlin and how it has changed over the years,

The 1914 Now film installation project by SHOWstudio looks great. It's a collaboration between fashion curators and filmmakers that were invited by LCF's Alison Moloney to express a moment in fashion from 1914.

The Line is on Pinterest. Time to get pinnin'! (via T Magazine)

My favourite story on Freunde von Freunden recently is this one of twin sisters Harriet and Carter Were. Carter makes her own bread (check out her incredible branding, which is based on her great-great-grandfather's lemonade brand) and Harriet is a photographer (of Lonely Girls!) and knitter. I need to own one of Harriet's beautiful jumpers!

Need some writing advice? Then check out this piece on Medium!

The first christmas advert is out - christmas season has officially begun. As a big Pingu fan I quite like the John Lewis advert.

Is there a new A.P.C. candle approaching? I hope so!

Amanda has got her mid-week procrastination down to a T. I might give this a go myself this week, what do you think?

GIRLS is back soon! Woop!

Ever left Social Media for some time? Kate Arends tried it and wrote about it on Wit & Delight.

One of my favourite bloggers, TK of Bonjour Tristesse, has made this mixtape for Nabovarsel and it's been sweetening my work days this week.

Not sure what to have for lunch? Then head over to Lisa's food blog That's Food Darling. Apart from this delicious looking pumpkin spaghetti, she she'll show you many other yummy recipes to try at home. 

Bridie's well and truly back - here's post #2 all about running and motivation!

Last but not least - I have introduced a new series to Freunde von Freunden's Journal, which is quite similar to this favourites list: The Link List. Here we share all the interesting internet content of the week, that's been bookmarked by us. Have a look and let me know what you think!

That's it guys, see you next week!

Lilly Wolf