In Seven Days Around The Web #36

I feel as if I keep finding more and more material for this weekly series. This week, I came across lots of interesting articles, some beautiful photography of a flat in São Paulo and of ballet dancers in Cape Town, shared the usual mixtape and included quite a few interior posts. Have fun looking, reading and listening!

Brian W Ferry has just shared some images of his travels to São Paulo and I am speechless!

(German content) Meine liebe Freundin Aida von Improkitchen hat für Mit Vergnügen einen tollen Artikel über das Studieren geschrieben - und mir just Lust auf einen Master gemacht. Sie hat ja Recht, man sollte sein Gehirn auch mal ab und an zum Denken anregen!

My friend Zsuzsanna of Freunde von Freunden has interviewed fashion designer Bruno Pieters. The interview is now up on AllDayEveryday and I love the layout and the crisp images - and, of course, Zsuszi's writing!

This week saw me read some very interesting articles - particularly this NY magazine article about how modern medicine has impacted our lives, particularly how we die. It might sound like a depressing subject, but it was very informative and well-written.

And while we're on the science subject, this New York Times article about a 45.000 year-old genome was also a very good read. 

An oldie, but a goldie is this post by Meg of Lips So Facto. I was browsing her blog (she's definitely my favourite blogger) and came across her Marimekko poppy nail tutorial. I mean, who doesn't love Marimekko?! I might have to try this out this weekend - watch this space!
I can't publish this collection of links without also mentioning Meg's latest two posts called '10 under 10' and 'Dealing with Flare Ups'. Give it a read if, like me, you're nearing the end of the month with a remarkably light wallet yet are in need of some new beauty products and/or are struggling with annoying skin flare ups (like moi).

It's Soundcloud mix time again! Mount Kimbie have compiled this one and it kept me upbeat and productive at work!

Unfortunately I don't understand a word of Finnish, but as people say: a picture is worth a thousand words, and these beautiful ones on the Finnish interior blog Pikku Varpunen are lovely. Boy, I need more plants!

Luce of Bonjour Luce has shared two books she's been reading recently. I especially like the fact that Nigel Slater's 'Toast' looks like it's been devoured - always the sign of a good book. 

I'm a self-confessed Egon Schiele groupie! You might have already glanced my print of 'Seated Woman with Bent Knee' leaning on the wall in this post. There's an Egon Schiele Nudes exhibition on in London and I simply must go! Here's a great review of the show on The Guardian and if you're already in Schiele mode, check out this typeface by graphic designer Nathalie Hallman.

Tine of Inattendu has once again come across some beautiful jewellery - these chunky rings by Tom Wood Jewellery might just be added to my christmas wishlist!

I can't help but share at least one of Cate of Cate St.Hill's blog posts each week! Her apartment is beautiful and she always finds great interior design and activities around London. This latest post is all about Swedish designer Nina Kullberg's cushions and the fact that you can stay at her apartment in London via airbnb. I'm tempted to book a night there, if only to meet Cate and have a chat about interiors with her!

Let's stick with interior for a moment and have a look at Annaleena's post about the beautiful new/old Iittala lamp. I've been looking for a soft bedside table lamp for ages and this one looks perfect. Thoughts?

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Yet another of my favourite bloggers has published something new: Alisa of Spasiba has just shared a delicious looking and sounding recipe for Souvlaki. And I also have to congratulate her on the great title, I'm a huge Slowdive fan!

Intern Magazine is looking for submissions! Check them out and submit your work, people!

(German content) Ein interessanter Artikel über weibliche Blogger und das 'Perfekt-sein' auf Der Freitag. Ich weiß noch nicht so recht, was ich davon halten soll, wollte ihn aber trotzdem mit euch teilen. (via Improkitchen)

The lovely Diana of Miss Moss has just started a new series called 'Mid Week Distraction' and I'm already hooked/distracted. And while you're over on her blog, make sure to check out this post about photographer Lar Rattray and her beautiful Cape Town City Ballet series.

Last but not least I would like to share this story written by Tom Hanks in the New Yorker. And hey, if you don't have time to read it, simply listen to Tom Hanks himself reading it to you! Genius, right!

That's it for now. Happy weekend everyone!

Lilly Wolf