In Seven Days Around The Web #35

The week has come to an end and I get to share my highlights of the internet with you. Full of photography, jewellery, scented candles and intriguing home stories, it will keep you busy for quite some time. Don't worry, there's something in there for everyone, whether it's a piece of music or a great exhibition. Enjoy!

You might have noticed that I have a soft spot for harsh, bold landscapes and these photos by Robbie Lawrence for Cereal Magazine certainly got me excited.

I think we would all like a piece of Sophie Bille Brahe's beautiful jewellery collection. Siska of beauty blog Klischee has just come across a great Danish jewellery designer that creates similar pieces at a fraction of the price. That ear clip is to die for!

Acne have published new videos out to promote their underwear all under the hashtag #underwearmemos. Made by the incredible Ryan McGinley and featuring some heave headbanging and beautiful pop colours, I can't wait to actually see the products hit stores on 16th Oct.

My friend Tess Redburn, an incredibly talented illustrator, was interviewed by Hyponik about her work, life as an illustrator and her move from Bristol to London.

I've been a big fan of Maiken's blog Nouvelle for a couple of years now, so seeing her share some images of her home made me really happy. She has impeccable taste and I would love to find out where her jewellery is from...

The new Apartamento magazine will be out on 30th October and I'm already really excited about it! I'm most excited about the 'portfolio of interiors, illustrated by Jeremiah Goodman'.

It may not be a new video, but this 'Paris Through Pentax' film by Maison Carnot is so beautiful.

There's a new magazine on the block: Bristol-based publication Lagom looks all kinds of cool and I will have to try and find a copy of it in Berlin. (via Freunde von Freunden's Blog

FINAL 23.jpg

After only publishing my interview with Viivi of Arela two days ago, I've already come up with another great article about Viivi. Apartment Therapy had a look around her home - she's really got the Scandinavian chic down to a T!

Marika Hackman is one of my all-time favourite folk singers, who I've had the fortune of seeing live a while ago. Her new single Drown is great, have a listen for yourself. (via Noisey)

If someone wants to make me happy it's simple: Just buy me these Penguin classics in the beautiful black design!

This GOT based video is incredible! The changing of the guards to the theme song of Game of thrones is so unique and not boring whatsoever!

But as if that isn't enough, here's the Game of Thrones theme song Western-style. What is it with the theme song craze? I guess winter really is coming...

Speaking of winter, my friend Kate of About Time Magazine has just published her top 10 autumnal candles.

If you're craving a DIY to liven up your kitchen utensils, I've just come across this great wire utensil rack DIY post on A Beautiful Mess - I might have to give it a go sometime soon! (via The Design Chaser)

How beautiful are these blankets by BFGF?! I really like them! (via Miss Moss)

This piece of writing on Sofia Coppola in Time Magazine from 2006 is great. (via The Epitome of Quiet)

And here is a little Berlin-based tip. As you all know I love photography, so this exhibition, called #achtens, by the students of Berlin-based Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie is one I'll definitely be visiting. Last year's is still fresh in my memory, so I can't wait to see what this years graduates have come up with.

And what would this weekly collection be, if it didn't contain at least one mix, so here's the October Krankbrother mix. Enjoy!

Happy Friday!

Lilly Wolf