In Seven Days Around The Web #34

This week my favourites are right on time and ready to take you into the weekend smoothly. Get ready for lots of inspiring photography, a few articles on feminism, housework and fashion and some music to get you through the day.

Having just told you all that one of my bucket list points was going on a trip to Iceland, I stumbled across this fantastic photo series by the talented photographer Finn Beales. Doesn't Iceland just look beautiful? 

This song by Huxley featuring Yasmin is great. I really like both Huxley and Yasmin and this song is bound to be accompanying me on many pre-drink affairs and train journeys.

And there's more photography for you. Sean of This Fruit Blog has been on a trip to Italy and took some snaps with his analogue camera. Check them out here!

Have you ever watched a Boiler Room stream and wished you were recording it. Well somebody (obviously) set up a Tumblr called 'Boiler Room Knows What You Did Last Night', and let me tell you, it's hilarious.

Who would've thought that Twin Peaks was making a comeback?! Well it is and the trailer isn't really giving anything away. I cannot wait to see what David Lynch has in store for us and am now going to have to dig out the Twin Peaks box set to *finally* finish it and get ready for this new adventure.

Paper & Tea, my favourite tea shop in the whole wide world - a bold, yet well deserved statement, trust me on this - have just opened their second store, this time in Mitte, Berlin. Finally I no longer have to track it across the city in order to get my tea fix! I can't wait to see what the shop looks like and buy some more goodies.

Something light-hearted about Ello. (via Sebastian)

With the news on Glossier going crazy this week, I still couldn't help to share a few interesting articles on Emily Weiss' new project. Here you can find her introductory post on Into The Gloss and here is a great article with Glossier's director of product development on Into The Gloss.

The Guardian has asked their writers who does the housework at their home. It's a really interesting article and it makes me wonder: who does your housework? I have to admit that my boyfriend does most of our housework. We're so modern!

I stumbled upon photographer Patricia Karallis photo series 'Things Left Behind' this week and love the idea and the images. Take a look for yourself!

I'm a huge Jessie Ware fan and, as you all know by now, love plant houses, so this video of Jessie performing live at the Barbican surrounded by greenery has made my week. (via Bridie)

Jennifer Lawrence has spoken up about the naked photo scandal during her Vanity Fair interview. Jessica Valenti of The Guardian has just published a great column on the subject that you should all read. 

(German content) Jessie von Journelles hat ein Interview mit Thuy Duong Nguyen, der Gründerin des Modelabels THU THU, geführt. Lesenswert! 

Another interesting article which I came across on Medium. Leah Beckman talks about street harassment. 

John Galliano is back! And while many have whispered about it few have really confronted the real issues. Jess Cartner-Morley of The Guardian tells us why we and the fashion world should.

Who doesn't like a slice of coffee and walnut cake! After baking a carrot cake AND a hazelnut chocolate cake in the space of a week, I am well and truly feeling like I should bake some more from now on. So why not try this delicious-looking recipe by Rosie of Cider With Rosie. Shame that I always end up baking when it's dark so my recipes never find their way onto my blog...

That's it for the week! 

Lilly Wolf