In Seven Days Around The Web #32

Another week is nearing its end and is calling for this week's internet treasure. Having been tied to my bed by the flu AGAIN, I must apologise for the slight delay. However, don't think it had any influence in this week's selection. Quite the opposite!

(German content) Habt ihr euch jemals gefragt, wie der neue Berliner Flughafen denn aussieht und was man da momentan überhaupt schon machen kann? Mit Vergnügen hat mal recherchiert und das für uns herausgefunden...

(German content) "Ein verrückter Tag in New York ist ein ganz normaler Tag in New York" - neugierig? Dann schaut mal bei C'est Clairette vorbei, die liebe Claire ist nämlich momentan in der amerikanischen Metropole unterwegs und schreibt spannende Geschichten.

Even though the video of Emma Watson's brilliant UN speech has gone around the web numerous times already, I thought it was still necessary to share it on this platform, too. And add the follow-up story as well, because Emma soon became victim of threats (all a big hoax to advertise a social media enterprise, apparently) - Harpers Bazaar has more on the story.

Bored of Berlin and in need of a little countryside? Finding Berlin has just published a great post about the Pfaueninsel. The images look so autumnal, they make me want to go there straight away!

The brilliant director Matthew Frost has just come out with a new video, 'Aspirational', starring Kirsten Dunst. This is - by far - my favourite content of this week! I love Frost's visual language and I like the video even more because it portrays today's social media and selfie craze down to a T. Well done, Matthew! (via It's Nice That)

Miss Moss always manages to find some great content. Her 'These Things' series is one of the reasons I started this weekly link collection. This time, she's truly found some treasures. Have a look for yourself!

London Fashion Week has been and gone and we're left slightly overwhelmed and not sure what to think of it all. My friend Kate writes for About Time Magazine and has just published her 'Best Of' - what are you waiting for, gaze at her stunning backstage photos and see what this year's shows were all about!

Who doesn't love pizza, eh! Lea of Hafentelegramm has two recipes for some delicious autumn ones on her blog.

Alisa of Spasiba is finally blogging again. Her recent trip to San Francisco and New York has inspired her to publish a United States version of her favourites. And it even includes a playlist. How I've missed her blog posts!

Tine has found some great new items again, this time there's some good-looking diaries by Els & Nel (I'll definitely put those on my wishlist) and some beautiful interiors by Levisarha

Here's an interesting article on the Telegraph about London housing prices and the young talent threatening to leave the capital.

Dabito has looked back on some of his old interior photographs. His images are so beautiful and the picture above makes me want to buy more old art prints or even do some watercolour paintings of my own...

Cate of Cate St Hill was in Amsterdam and has published a travel guide to the city. She makes me want to go there and explore for myself. If you liked her guide then make sure to check out her post on Hotel Droog as well.

I can't help but highlight each and every post Lana publishes, so it comes as no surprise that I shared this one, too. I love these experiments with light and shadow and you all know I'm a sucker for plants!


I have written about how much I like Olivia Rae James' photography on here before and thought I would share this recent post of her Sunday morning walk around Charleston, a city that looks very fascinating.

Last but not least: I have joined a new social media platform called Ello - it's great and I think you should all try it out!

That's it for now kids, I hope you're enjoying your Sunday!

Lilly Wolf