Another week, another favourites post. And boy, did I find much this week! So clear your schedule and get a cuppa ready.

Ah, Tine. That girl always manages to assemble a beautiful collection of items and she always makes me want to grab my wallet and go shopping. Here's her latest finds on Inattendu.

Lisbon looks like a great place to visit. Mary of Stil in Berlin has just published a list of the city's best places to eat. Be sure to take notes if you're planning a trip there anytime soon!

London Fashion Week looked incredible and I wish I could have been there. Luckily I came across this photo series by Jamie Stoker on Yahoo.

So let's stay in London and this time look at all things design. London Design Festival is on until the 21st so if you still haven't managed to go, make sure to check out these four picks by Esme Winter.

Everyone who's ever visited the Street Food Thursday in Berlin knows that it is THE place to be on Thursday evenings. But don't worry if you don't live in Berlin, because the first SFT has just taken place in Hamburg. Lea of Hafentelegramm has all the details.

This article on The Guardian by Jamie Doward about the 'Endies' (employed with no disposable income - aka me) is a little bit depressing but definitely a good read.

The Scots have had their say and voted 'Aye'. Zeit Magazin have published this beautiful collection of Scottish photographs by Magnum.

It's all about cats these days. The fact that Luke Stephenson has just won the YCN Professional Award 2014 proves that. His images are great!

You all know that I'm a big fan of Mary of Stil in Berlin. Well, she's just published a book about her stalker - yes, she has a stalker. This interview on Vice gives you a good insight into what happened and will make you want to order her book straight away.

Ever wondered why Starbucks spell your name wrong? Well, it's just been solved! (via It's Nice That)

This September mix by moomin has been keeping me entertained during long hours at work. (via my friend Yasmin)

Recently my breakfast diet has become somewhat non-existent. I often end up rushing to the office without managing to eat or just quickly gobble down a croissant. Time for a change! Luce of Bonjour Luce has just published this incredibly easy, yet delicious looking recipe for granola - and I'll be giving it a try next week!

Damn, I need to read more. This post by Hannah-Rose of Capture the Castle just says it all. It's all about literature, guys!

Chelsea of The Dauphine is finally back on the scene and blogging away! This 'Week in Review' post (which I'm hoping is a new regular format of her blog) is a great place for inspiration. Welcome back, Chelsea!

That's it for now guys, I hope you have an excellent weekend. I'll be making my way to Hamburg this evening and will be sharing some photos with you sometime next week. As I'm taking my analogue camera however, it might take me a little longer to get round to getting them developed!

Lilly Wolf